I have designed a program proven to burn fat and tighten up all at the same time in less time! One-on-One customized personal workouts with me optimizes results in what’s called the “after burn effect” for 24-48 hours after one of my workouts.  Its safe, fun, effective and turns into lasting results!



“After Burn Effect” RESULTS You’ve Always Wanted!

This is an accelerated metabolism that happens after one of my High Intensity interval training sessions, in fact it’s scientifically proven that you can have the after burn for up to 24-48 hrs after a workout session like mine.  That means you will burn fat while you sleep, pretty cool huh?

Each workout is designed to put your body into the “After Burn Effect” to maximize fat loss each and every second that you are with me.

Who wants to lose weight and burn fat?
Who wants to lose 4-10 inches in their waist and anywhere from 10-30 pounds in next few weeks?
Who wants to tone and tighten their entire body?
Who is ready to look and feel amazing?
Who needs and wants guidance on a nutrition plan?
Who doesn’t want to spend hours in a gym?

My proven training method for fast and effective workout (only 30 min) that is personalized to accommodate ANY fitness level from absolute beginner to advanced – all backed by a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Contact Us today to get started!

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